About Us

Michele Pentyliuk, M.Ed.

Michele is a Registered Psychologist and Certified Teacher.

She is in private practice where she conducts learning assessments and provides strategy instruction for individuals with learning and attention problems.

Michele worked within the school system and in private practice as an educational consultant before embarking on her graduate program where she focused her studies on assessment and treatment for students with learning disabilities.

Michele has presented workshops to parents, professionals, and students throughout Canada. She works with students of all ages, including post-secondary students, helping them master strategies to more easily acquire, retain and apply their knowledge.

She is the past-president of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA. Michele created the Learner’s Licence Prep Kits so that all students have access to materials to help them better prepare for the learner’s knowledge test.

Dexa Stoutjesdyk, M. Ed.

Upon receiving her Bachelor of Civil Engineering from McGill University, Dexa started her professional career with the City of Edmonton in Traffic Engineering.

After four years as a Transportation Engineer, Dexa returned to school and obtained her Masters’ Degree in Educational Psychology (counseling) from the University of Alberta.

As a Registered Psychologist, Dexa has worked with Family and Child Social Services, numerous Employment Assistance Programs, Veteran Affairs, First Nations and Inuit Health programs as well as her own private practice.

Dexa’s work as a volunteer for the Learning Disability Association of Alberta (LDAA) led to her to role in the development of the Learner Licence Prep Kit; an educational tool that helps individuals master the information required to pass their Learners’ test and put them on the road to becoming a safe driver.